Sunday, September 13, 2009

Britt's Blueberry Breakfast Scones

As some of you may know, my mother love, love, loves her blueberry scones. So, as a "thank you" for her running an errand for me, her car-less daughter, I baked a batch of these for her. Her review: "Scones were awesome!!"

I must warn you, though. Despite their non-fibrous taste, these do pack a bit of a punch and may get things moving... if you catch my drift :-D


3 packets high fiber instant oatmeal, such as that by Quaker, though I've seen generic versions (for this ingredient I didn't want all of the sugar these packets typically have, so I emptyed the 3 packets into a colander over my sink and gave it a good shake. A lot of powdery looking stuff fell through the colander, and I was left with the oats themselves. I wouldn't say shake it too much, because I'm not sureif there's bran in the packets, and that would be small enough to fall through. And we want that bran!!)

2 tablespoons toasted wheat germ (I have the "golden
crunch" version of that by Kretschmer, a Quaker brand)

2 heaping tablespoons protein powder (I u
sed the MLO Vegetable Protein Powder, though I'm sure any kind will work as long as it's mild tasting and not some wild flavor like chocolate... which is soooo wild, I know!)

a couple sprinkles of cinnimon

2 egg whites


non-stick cooking spray

How To:

1. Preheat the oven to 350°F. Grease a baking tray with your non-stick stuff of choice. Parchment paper works even better, but I've run out!

2. Strain the blueberries in the jar that come in the "lazy person's answer to homemade muffins" box. Set aside.

3. Combine the first 4 ingredients until well blended.

4. Add the egg whites and about 1/2 cup water, stirring until moist. I don't have a machine mixer, so you'll be fine using just a strong fork like I do. If you need to add more water, go right ahead. My batter was actually runny, probably the consistency of Mary Jeanne's mashed potatoes. :-D

5. Add the blue berries and give the batter another stir until they're interspersed.

6. Drop onto a greased pan in large mounds (maybe about 3/4 cup batter? Sorry I cook so estimatingly!). I was able to make 6-7 very large scones which I ended up cutting in half.

7. Bake in 350°F oven for 20 or 30 minutes (it all depends on the size you make your dollaps). Feel free to use the toothpick test to ensure they're fully cooked.

8. Let cool (or not) and ENJOY!!

I apologize for the lack of pictures of this delight... none really did my baking justice. Next time, next time.

Also, I'm looking around for my nutritional calculations, but in the mean time, I can tell you I remember that for a batch made with 7 scones, one-half of a scone had around 100 calories, 5 grams or so of fiber and around 5 grams of protein. I will keep looking or re-calculate so that you know these facts for sure (even though they're always estimates!)!

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